We know and can access successful leaders from many industries and disciplines who welcome the opportunity to provide insight for new projects.

An advisory board can complement current skills to take a small or medium business to the next stage. They are not designed to be a decision making body but a support forum which enables business owners or senior management to step back from the operations of the business and gain a sense of perspective and opportunity for future growth.

We typically recommend advisory boards meet 4 times a year – sometimes more frequently depending on the rate of growth or demands of the business.

Benefits of establishing an advisory board including:

  • Independent and objective views which can act as ‘sounding boards’ in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Can increase investor confidence.
  • The ability to draw on the knowledge and experience of advisors who have proven experience.
  • Soundly based insights perhaps from other industries and situations.
  • Encourages the development of evidence based discussion over traditional or perhaps views which are shaped through day to day operations.
  • Access to specific skills which are or will be needed within the operating business.